INTERVIEW | Monday Talk: CM Arvind Kejriwal is creating panic in the name of power crisis: Delhi BJP media head Naveen Kumar to Anurag Sason

INTERVIEW | Monday Talk: ‘CM Arvind Kejriwal is creating panic in the name of power crisis,’ says Delhi BJP media head Naveen Kumar to Anurag Sason

Is Delhi is facing an electricity crisis? Is there a chance of blackout in the national capital? On the one hand, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) which is ruling in Delhi is warning the Modi government that there could be a power shortage in Delhi. On the other hand, the Centre is ruling out any such emergency. To talk about this and many more important issues journalist Anurag Sason has an in-depth conversation with Delhi BJP media head Mr Naveen Kumar.

Here are important excerpts from the exclusive interview (Scroll down to watch complete interview in Hindi/पूरा इंटरव्यू हिंदी में देखने के लिए नीचे स्क्रॉल करें)

Q1) Is there’s a power crisis in Delhi?

Naveen Kumar: No, there is no power crisis in the national capital of India. Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal is only creating panic among the people.

Q2) Many other states are also flagging power crises. Your reaction.

Naveen Kumar: We have proper stock. Union coal minister has already assured that. There is nothing to worry about.

Q3) Delhi BJP wants to celebrate Chhath Puja. Delhi government has denied permission. What politics is going on in the name of the festival?

Naveen Kumar: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kumar has opened everything in Delhi then why not he’s giving a green signal for Chhath Puja? He can allow the festival as per the Covid guidelines.

Actually, Rs 20-25 crores which is used for Chhath Puja management by the Delhi government is spent by Arvind Kejriwal for his own advertisement. Now he does not have money so that’s why he has banned the celebration in the national capital.

Q4) MCD polls are due next year. How is BJP preparing for it?

Naveen Kumar: We have exposed the Aam Aadmi Party which has now turned into “Khas Aadmi party” on every front. There is no chance of it in the upcoming corporation polls.

Q5) Farmers are protesting against the New Farm Laws at the Delhi border. How this will end?

Naveen Kumar: Those who are sitting at the Delhi border are not farmers. They are part of the toolkit of the opposition political parties.

60% of the Indian population is dependent on farming. Do you think that any political party will upset such a huge number and will be able to come back in power? Never.

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Q6) If you are saying that all farmers are happy with the New Farm Laws then why protests are taking place everywhere?

Watch the interview below to know the reaction.

Q7) It is being said that once the New Farm Laws will come into force, items of daily use like vegetables, wheat, etc will be very costly. Is it true? Please clarify this.

Naveen Kumar: See…I already told you that no political party will take such decisions which will harm a large part of the population. No political party wants to commit suicide. BJP is working for the benefit of farmers.

Q8) Your comments on the entire Lakhimpur incident. Do you think it is right that a car comes from behind and crushes people to death?

Naveen Kumar: See a judicial inquiry is going on and many things are coming out. I don’t think that it is wise to say anything on the issue right now.

Q9) Do you think that this Lakhimpur incident will affect the BJP in the upcoming UP Polls 2022?

Naveen Kumar: Definitely it will affect the BJP! Now we will win even by a more margin than the last time. In the last four and a half years, there was no riot in Uttar Pradesh. And now “they” have done this.

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Q10) If BJP retains power in UP, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will be the CM again?

Naveen Kumar: Definitely. There is no doubt about it. This UP Polls 2022 is being fought under the leadership of Yogi Adityanath.

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Monday Talk | Arvind Kejriwal is creating panic in name of power crisis: BJP leader Naveen Kumar
Journalist Anurag Sason
Journalist Anurag Sason

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