INTERVIEW | Monday Talk | Although Modi govt has repealed New Farm Laws but fact remains that BJP has hurt farmers: BKU general secretary Yudhvir Singh to Anurag Sason

INTERVIEW | Monday Talk | Although Modi govt has repealed New Farm Laws but fact remains that BJP has hurt farmers: BKU general secretary Yudhvir Singh to Anurag Sason

After more than one year of protest by farmers (Kisan Andolan), the Modi government has taken back the New Farm Laws. In September 2020, the laws were passed by the Parliament of India. On November 19th, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the laws will be repealed. On Monday, the ‘Farm Laws Repeal Bill 2021′ was passed by the Lok Sabha, the first day of the Winter Session of Parliament. What now? Will farmers’ protest going to end now? To take about this burning topic and matters related to it, journalist Anurag Sason has an in-depth conversation with Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) general secretary Yudhvir Singh.

Here are important excerpts from the exclusive interview. Scroll down to watch the complete interview in Hindi/पूरा इंटरव्यू हिंदी में देखने के लिए नीचे स्क्रॉल करें

Q1) During my last interview with you, you said, “until and unless the New Farm Laws are taken back, we won’t go home.” Now the Modi government has taken back the laws. Your reaction.

Yudhvir Singh: We have not only demanded the repeal of the New Farm Laws but also a law on Minimum Support Price (MSP). Kisan Andolan will continue till our demands are accepted by the government.

Q2) Now, what is the future course of action?

Yudhvir Singh: Future course of action will depend on how the government will take things forward.

Q3) Many opposition parties supported Kisan Andolan. Do you think it also helped farmers in forcing the Modi government to take back the New Farm Laws?

Yudhvir Singh: We are thankful to whosoever has helped us.

Q4) Farmers are demanding a Minimum Support Price for crops. If the government will give the same on every crop then don’t you think it will create an additional financial burden on the central government?

Yudhvir Singh: Farmers are not saying that government must buy everything. All that we are saying is whether government or market, there should be MSP to save farmers from the loss.

Q5) In 2022, assembly elections will take place in seven states including Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. Which political party farmers will support?

Yudhvir Singh: See, Kisan Andolan (farmers’ protest) which is going on from last more than one year has given many wounds to the farmers. Farmers are hurt. There is no feeling of excitement for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

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Q6) What is the long-term process for benefiting farmers in India?

Yudhvir Singh: See till now there is no impactful Krishi Niti (Farmer Policy) in India. There should be a meaningful Farmer Policy that should guide farmers on what they have to sow, how much they have to sow, and how much profit they will get. Presently there is no one to guide the farmers. They are just doing things randomly.


Journalist Anurag Sason
Journalist Anurag Sason

About the author: Anurag Sason is journalist with more than 9 years of experience in mainstream journalism. He has worked in newspaper, news agency, TV, news app (short video sharing app) and digital media. He tweets at @AnuragSason

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