WATCH | Monday Talk: Laser eye surgery-cost, risk | Types- Contoura Vision, SMILE, LASIK

In this era of Information Technology when we have to sit in front of our desktops, laptops, for hours, for work, weakening eyesight has become a common problem. Today a large number of youths have weak eyesight.

However, every problem has a solution and in this case too the saying applies perfectly. With the help of the latest technologies, we can correct our eyesight.

To talk more on this topic, journalist Anurag Sason has an in-depth conversation with Dr Rahil Chaudhary, MD, Eye7 Group of Hospitals, a leading institute in Delhi-NCR for eyesight correction.

Here are important excerpts from the interview: (Scroll down to watch the complete interview)

Q1) How serious is the problem of weakening eyesight in India?

Dr Rahil Chaudhary: In India, there is a dearth of eye specialists. Presently, we have around 25,000 eye doctors in the country and the need is of one lakh.

There is also a lack of surgical equipment, surgical tools across the length and breadth of the country. There is also a lack of access.

We are the capital of the cataract blindness in the world. There are 30 to 40 percent people in the country who need spectacles. There are also many people who don’t even know that they have weak eyesight.

Q2) These days we sit in front of our desktops, laptops, for work, for gaming. What effect this modern lifestyle has on our eyesight?

Dr Rahil Chaudhary: Our eyes are made to see things from a distance but desktops, laptops and tablets are forcing our eyes to see things from a very close range and this is putting the strain on our eye muscles. Therefore, the problem of myopia or minus number is increasing.

Q3) What are the latest technologies available for vision correction?

Dr Rahil Chaudhary: There are three latest technologies. Bladeless LASIK, SMILE and Contoura Vision. Contoura Vision is the latest technology and it is two years old.

Q4)What is the difference between LASIK, SMILE and Contoura Vision?

Dr Rahil Chaudhary: LASIK technology is 10-years-old and it is improving day by day. In this, we use two lasers. Right now, this technology is the most popular in India.

The second one is SMILE. In this, we use only one laser.

Then we have Contoura Vision. It is a revolution in spectacle removal. In addition to removing spectacles, Contoura Vision corrects the irregularities of the cornea and treats the visual axis. Because of these two additional benefits, the sharpness of vision improves many folds.

As per predictions, by 2020, in the entire world, only the Contoura Vision will be used for eyesight correction and rest of the technologies will fade away.

Q5) How safe are these surgeries?

Dr Rahil Chaudhary: They are very safe. They are all US FDA approved. However, there is a risk of point one percent. But that much of risk is in everything. In medical procedures, we do have point one percent risk. However, as I said in the starting, they are very safe.

Q6) What is the cost involved?

Dr Rahil Chaudhary: See, Contoura Vision is the latest technology and it is quite expensive. In all over Delhi, it is available in only three places: AIIMS, Medanta and with us (Eye7 Hospitals).

So the cost of Contoura Vision is between 95,000 to 1,10,000. The cost of a SMILE is between 90,000 and one lakh. LASIK is between 75,000 and 85,000.

Q7) What lifestyle should be maintained to avoid weak eyesight?

Dr Rahil Chaudhary: See nowadays because of the sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, the problem of weakening eyesight is increasing. Because of this morden lifestyle, a large number of people in India are becoming diabetic and this has given rise to an illness which we call diabetic retinopathy. In this, your eyes get less oxygen and if it continues then one can be blind.

So what I will suggest is–live a healthy lifestyle and take vitamin A rich diet.

If you have to work in front of computers then follow a formula of 20:20:20. After every 20 minutes, see at a distance of 20 feet and blink your eyes for 20 times. This helps your tear film to rejuvenate and that in turn relaxes your eyes.


About the author: Author is Deputy Editor in India TV and tweets at @AnuragSason


The interview is taken in the personal capacity and is exclusively for this website.

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