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Made In India: Export of Indian musical instruments surged 3.5 times, says Modi government

The Government of India’s (GOI) “Made In India” campaign is making its presence felt across the globe. After toys, now there is a surge in the exports of Indian musical instruments. There is a 3.5 times growth in exports of the instruments, said the government on Sunday.

The melodious voice of Indian instruments is heard across the world. The government informed that in April-September 2013, Rs 49 crore worth of musical instruments were exported. In April-September 2022, the value reached Rs 172 crore. Also, there is 60 times jump in exports of electrical musical instruments during same period, informed the Modi government.

The United States of America (USA), Germany, France, Japan, and the United Kingdom (UK) are the top buyers, further informed the government.

In India, the toy industry has historically been import-dependent. Under ‘Made in India’, many promotional initiatives like Toycathon 2021, The India Toy Fair 2021, and Toy Business League 2022 were organised to promote indigenous toys to encourage innovation and new-age design to suit international requirements.

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As a result of the sincere efforts of domestic toy manufacturers, the growth of the Indian toy industry has been remarkable in less than two years, despite Covid-19. According to the Modi government, the import of toys in FY21-22 has reduced by 70% to USD 110 Mn (Rs. 877.8 cr.). In the domestic market, there has also been a distinct improvement in the quality of toys. Simultaneously, the efforts of the industry have led to an export of 326 Mn USD (Rs. 2601.5 cr.) of toys in FY21-22, which is a growth of over 61% over 202 Mn USD (Rs. 1612 cr.) of FY18-19. India’s export of toys registered massive growth of 636% in April-August 2022 over the same period in 2013.

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