Is Uncle Sam (America) losing its grip on world politics and we are moving towards a bipolar world, again? Political analysis by Anurag Sason

Is USA losing its grip on world politics and we are moving towards a bipolar world, again? Political analysis by Anurag Sason

Is Uncle Sam (America) losing its grip on world politics and we are moving towards a bipolar world, again? To some, it may sound shocking but the present global scenario is strongly hinting towards it.

Before I move further in this article, let me first explain in very brief what the unipolar and bipolar worlds are. In a unipolar world, one country dominates on world politics and faces no competition or very little competition from other countries/nations. A bipolar world is where you have two superpowers.

I hope you all got the meaning of these two words. So let’s proceed further in this article.

Scholars who deal in international relations widely view the cold war era (March 1947 – December 1991) in the international system as bipolar due to American and Soviet Union (Russian) superiority in commercial power and military spending and consequently might.

However, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union on 26 December 1991, Russia became somewhat weak and the United States relatively strong. Hence, the world became unipolar with the USA interfering in the regional matters of many countries.

But this Russia-Ukraine war has shown that Russia is again making its presence felt and doing what it wants. Despite many sanctions on Russia by the USA (and strong warnings), Vladimir Putin has not moved even an inch and continued its attack on Ukraine. (In the Russia-Ukraine war, the USA is “indirectly” supporting Ukraine).

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Even US President Joe Biden’s warning of using “NATO” could not deter Russia from attacking Ukraine.

“Russia needs to show it is serious about negotiations by immediately implementing a ceasefire. We call on Russia to engage constructively in credible negotiations with Ukraine to achieve concrete results, starting with a sustainable ceasefire and moving towards a complete withdrawal of its troops from Ukrainian territory. Russia’s continuing aggression, while discussions are taking place, is deplorable. We support Ukraine’s efforts to achieve peace, and those undertaken diplomatically by Allies to weigh in on Russia to end the war and relieve human suffering,” said NATO, recently.

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Such feeble words from NATO (a group of 30 countries including the US and the UK) themselves show the might Russia enjoys.

The message from the Russia-Ukraine war is quite clear. It seems that the United States is losing its hold on the globe. With Russia doing what it wants, it is evident that we are rapidly moving towards a bipolar world where we (again) have two superpowers-USA and…Russia.


Journalist Anurag Sason

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