Monday Talk: Anurag Sason in conversation with Delhi BJP spokesperson Raj Kumar Bhatia

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As a result of Delhi assembly polls, political activities have increased in the national capital of India. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress- all are claiming that they will perform well. However, everything will be clear when the results will be announced on 11th February.

To know what are the chances of BJP this time, Anurag Sason has an in-depth conversation with the saffron party’s Delhi spokesperson Mr Raj Kumar Bhatia.

Here are important excerpts from the exclusive interview: (Scroll down to watch complete interview)

Q1) What are the chances of BJP in Delhi assembly polls?

Raj Kumar Bhatia: From the last five years Delhi is in bad shape. For sure, this time, lotus will bloom in the national capital of India.

Q2) Which party is threat-Congress or AAP?

Raj Kumar Bhatia: Congress is already finished and AAP is fighting its last battle.

Q3) Who is CM candidate from BJP?

Raj Kumar Bhatia: Delhi BJP’s CM candidate is Lotus! Every party worker of BJP considers symbol of lotus as a CM candidate.

Q4) What you have to say about the recent JNU attack?

Raj Kumar Bhatia: In JNU, protests are taking place against the country! Agitators are trying to halt the development process.

Q5) Police got orders from ‘above’ to let violence happen in JNU: Kejriwal –Your comments on this statement.

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Raj Kumar Bhatia: AAP’s record player is stuck that Centre is not allowing anything to happen.

Q6) Do you think anti-national mindset is increasing in JNU?

Raj Kumar Bhatia: Anti-national activities were on the rise. Now is the time for its decline.

Q7) BJP started regularising unauthorised colonies in Delhi. Is this a political gimmick?

Raj Kumar Bhatia: No, it’s not a political gimmick. Modi government is trying to fulfill the dreams of the people of India.

Q8) After CAA and NRC, communal allegations are slapped on the BJP. Your reaction.

Raj Kumar Bhatia: There are two types of people in this-one who are unable to understand and second are those who are extra smart and they are trying to mislead the masses.

Q9) If BJP wins Delhi assembly polls, what will be its first move?

Raj Kumar Bhatia: We will bring good governance in Delhi. We will streamline the governing process.

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About the author: Anurag Sason is journalist with more than 7 years of experience in mainstream journalism. He has worked in newspaper, news agency, TV and digital media. Presently, he is working as Senior Editor-News in Likee app. He tweets at @AnuragSason


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Disclaimer: Interview is taken in the personal capacity

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