Monday Talk: Anurag Sason in conversation with Kameshwar Gumber

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Over a parking row, a tussle broke out between cops and lawyers in Delhi’s Tis Hazari court, recently. Soon all hell broke loose. The clash between lawyers and police left at least 20 police personnel and several lawyers injured on November 2.

To talk about it and other related issues Anurag Sason has an in-depth conversation with Kameshwar Gumber who is a lawyer-cum-poet.

Here are important excerpts from the interview: (Scroll down to watch the complete interview)

Q1) Your comment on the entire Tis Hazari episode.

Kameshwar Gumber: It was unfortunate. Over a minor parking row, an argument took place between a cop and a lawyer. What followed was… eight to ten cops locked the lawyer behind the bars. Then there were four rounds fired at the lawyers in which one of the lawyers sustained an injury on his chest. He is admitted in a hospital.

Q2) You can wipe blood with water but you can never wipe blood with blood. Lawyers could have restrained themselves?

Kameshwar Gumber: No lawyer approved this violent incident.

Q3) While mentioning about this matter Supreme Court said, “nobody claps with one hand”. Your comments.

Kameshwar Gumber: That is what I am saying, “nobody claps with one hand”. There was some action and there was some reaction to that action. Media portrayed us as a villain. And we have an objection to it.

Q4) Now what next?

Kameshwar Gumber: We have full confidence in the judicial commission which is appointed by honourable High Court’s order and whatever the decision will be, it will be acceptable. The government must introduce an Advocates’ Protection Bill.

Q5) Is there any effort going on so that this kind of parking row doesn’t take place in Tis Hazari court in the future?

Kameshwar Gumber: No there is no effort right now.

Q6) You have done a poetry on this entire incident which I was listening to yesterday. Can you tell that to my viewers?

Q7) You are also a poet. How you developed this hobby?

Kameshwar Gumber: I am doing poetry since my childhood. Till now I have written 1200 poems and a book. The book was on Hindu-Muslim unity.

Q8) Justice delayed is justice denied. Cases are pending for long. What can be done so that we get speedy justice?

Kameshwar Gumber: In the last five years, pendency of our cases has reduced. ADR has improved greatly. There are nowadays mediation cells in every court. The biggest reason for the pendency of cases is that we don’t have the required strength of judges. Presently, we have 18 per cent less judges against the prescribed strength.

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About the author: Anurag Sason is journalist with more than 7 years of experience in mainstream journalism. He has worked in newspaper, news agency, TV and digital media. Presently, he is working as Senior Editor-News in Likee app. He tweets at @AnuragSason


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