WATCH | Monday Talk: ‘I don’t know Manoj Tiwari, all I heard is he’s found of singing and does a lot of singing,’ says Sheila Dikshit

Lok Sabha elections 2019 is over and now the entire country is waiting for May 23-the date when the results will be declared. This time the Congress party has given a very tough fight to the ruling BJP-led NDA government. Will their efforts bear fruit? We’ll come to know on May 23.

Meanwhile, to know what the Congress is planning in the near future and is the party satisfied with its entire election campaign, journalist Anurag Sason has an in-depth conversation with veteran Congress leader and three-time CM of Delhi Ms Sheila Dikshit.

Here are important excerpts from the exclusive interview: (Scroll down to watch the complete interview)

Q1) Are you satisfied with the entire election campaign, especially in Delhi?

Sheila Dikshit: Well nobody can ever be fully satisfied, there is always scope for improvement. However, whatever little time we had, we tried to make full use of it.

Q2) What will happen on May 23?

Sheila Dikshit: It will be difficult to predict that, all we can do is hope for the best. I have confidence that it will be good.

Q3) How many seats Congress party is winning in Delhi?

Sheila Dikshit: Out of seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi, we will win four or five seats.

Q4) Which are the seats where you think that there will be a challenge?

Sheila Dikshit: Well it will not be fair of me to say that because all candidates have fought with their full might.

Q5) Congress president Rahul Gandhi recently announced the Minimum Income Guarantee Scheme (NYAY). Do you think it will be a game changer it in Lok Sabha elections 2019?

Sheila Dikshit: Yes, I think so because a lot of people have been talking to me about this. It’s something which is never done before by any political party including the Congress. It’s a great scheme for people to be able to earn a livelihood. They need livelihood because they don’t have jobs.

Q6) In Delhi Congress decided not to form an alliance with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Why?

Sheila Dikshit: I didn’t think it was necessary. Besides, the AAP was not ready to give us a good amount of seats. And why we should have a fewer number of seats when we are a much bigger party with a great history.

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Q7) Recently PM Narendra Modi said Mr Rajiv Gandhi’s life ended as ‘Corrupt No.1’. Do you think that a sitting PM should use such words against a former PM?

Sheila Dikshit: No, he should not. It doesn’t suit a sitting PM to talk in such a way about the former PM. Is he (PM Narendra Modi) so scared of him?

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Q8) Ms Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has recently joined the Congress. Do you think her entrance in politics has given new energy to the party?

Sheila Dikshit: Yes, certainly it has.

Q9) AAP in its election manifesto said if they will win the election, they will make sure Delhi gets full statehood. Your comments.

Sheila Dikshit: Will they be able to give Delhi full statehood? They can only request from the central government.

Q10) Which party is the biggest rival for the Congress in Delhi-AAP or BJP?

Sheila Dikshit: Well both are there, we can’t underestimate either of the two. But we will fight the battle on our own terms. We are confident that we will be able to meet their challenge.

Q11) You are pitched in a battle against BJP’s Manoj Tiwari. Your comments.

Sheila Dikshit: I don’t even know him. I heard of him that he is an MP. All I know that he’s found of singing and he does a lot of singing!

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About the author: Author is Deputy Editor in India TV and tweets at @AnuragSason


The interview is taken in the personal capacity and is exclusively for this website.

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