WATCH | Monday Talk: ‘Like Lord Hanuman, PM Narendra Modi rules on hearts of everyone,’ says BJP’s Naveen Kumar

Out of seven phases, polling is over in three phases in Lok Sabha election 2019. Meanwhile, a lot of political developments are taking place in the national capital Delhi. Whereas on the one hand, three celebrities-Gautam Gambhir, Hans Raj Hans and Daler Mehndi-have joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP); on the other hand, saffron party’s MP Udit Raj has left it and joined the Congress party.

To talk about these and many more issues, journalist Anurag Sason has an in-depth conversation with Delhi BJP spokesperson Mr. Naveen Kumar.

Here are important excerpts from the exclusive interview: (Scroll down to watch the complete interview)

Q1) Recently, three celebrities- Gautam Gambhir, Hans Raj Hans and Daler Mehndi-have joined the BJP. Is it an indication that now the party is relying more on celebrities in order to win the votes?

Naveen Kumar: I believe that all those who want a strong government, who want to see their nation as a strong force are joining the BJP. All those who want development are standing with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Q2) Recently after he was denied ticket, BJP MP Udit Raj left the party and joined the Congress. Do you think his departure from the BJP will affect the SC/ST votes for the party?

Naveen Kumar: No political party will like to lose an MP who enjoys popular support among the masses. Udit Raj very well knows why he was not given the ticket. If he was so popular among the people, then why they did not put pressure on the party for giving him the ticket. He must evaluate.

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Q3) Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal claims that the Centre collects huge revenue from Delhi but in return gives only Rs 325 crore to it. Your comments.

Naveen Kumar: Has anybody else paying for Delhi for running its day to day activities? Last year, the Centre has given more than Rs 53,000 crores to the Delhi government. The BJP government has doubled the budget of Delhi compared to what it used to get during the time of the UPA. Plus, Centre is bearing all the expenses of the Delhi police. 60% of the expenses of Delhi Metro is being taken care of by the Centre.

I want to ask from your medium from Arvind Kejriwal that why Delhi people have not been given Rs 5 lakh health insurance, a scheme which is launched by PM Narendra Modi?

Why Jan Aushadhi Kendras are not being allowed to open in Delhi by the Delhi government? They will provide cheap medicines to people.

Q4) There will be no alliance in Delhi between the AAP and the Congress. Do you think it will benefit the BJP?

Naveen Kumar: Whether they are forming an alliance or not, the BJP is in the commanding position. People of Delhi voted for Arvind Kejriwal thinking that he will bring the change but he lied to all of them.

Q5) AAP says that because Delhi does not enjoy full statehood, therefore, it is unable to carry out many developmental works. Your comments.

Naveen Kumar: Delhi government wants full statehood so that it can control the cops.

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Q6) Alliances are being formed in different states. Do you think they will affect the BJP’s vote share?

Naveen Kumar: People of India want a strong PM. They don’t want someone who lies.

Q7) Your comments on PM Narendra Modi’s recent “non-political” interview to actor Akshay Kumar.

Naveen Kumar: When Rajiv Gandhi was PM and Simi Garewal took his interview, what was that? When he gave a political interview, no one questioned. And when PM Modi is giving a non-political interview, then everyone is talking about it!

Q8) Like PM Narendra Modi, do you also eat mangoes?

Naveen Kumar: I think everybody likes to eat mangoes.

PM Narendra Modi is everyone’s hero. He rules on the hearts of everyone. Like Lord Hanuman, PM Narendra Modi rules on the hearts of everyone.

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About the author: Author is Deputy Editor in India TV and tweets at @AnuragSason


The interview is taken in the personal capacity and is exclusively for this website.

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